Saturday, 30 June 2012

"N" no of things: !!Message From Heaven!!

"N" no of things: !!Message From Heaven!!: I dont have time for you, busy with the other few, can see your face filled with dew, sorry mate, u were, u are n u'll always sta...

!!Message From Heaven!!

I dont have time for you,
busy with the other few,
can see your face filled with dew,
sorry mate,
u were, u are n u'll always stand last in the queue. . 

You are invible to me,
dont wanna see you in this whole lot crew,
keep on strugling,
keep on fighting,
but what you deserve wont be given to you. . 

Life's like hell,
is that what is felt by you??
If thats true,
then my work is done for you. . 

Wanted to get the hell out of you,
wanted to put you on the road. . 
wanted to make you rub your nose against my toe,
but that wont even help you through. . 

you wanted to carve out your destiny,
i wanted to treat it as the irony,
have placed huge rocks in your way,
which the crushers of hardwork,
wont be able to sway. . 

Shu, go away you rascal,
dont expect me to do anything for you,
exoect the unexpected from me,
with love for you,
you were, you are n u'll always stand last in the queue. . .

"Reply to heaven"

dear heaven,
u have always tried to dominate me,
in whatever way you can,
have tried "N" of ways,
to humiliate, to create what's not for me
to steal, to through away whats best for me!!

Have always faught against you,
will always make my way through,
do whatever you want to do,
not a kid born with a silver spoon. . 

i'll continue what i have always done,
will search for the ways to counter act you,
will always push the wall,
stoping me to come closer to my destiny,
will make my way through insanity. . 

Have stood there in the scroaching heat,
have stood there in thunderous storm,
havnt bent down even on the rods you beat,
have made myself so strong,
that all these things dont affect my anymore,
wants to see to what extent you can push me more. . 

I challenge you,
do whatever you want to do,
to stop me through. . 
All the best. . 
Take care. . 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Daughter

Today, when the world is waiting for the future,
We are standing where we were before
Having the urban and rural population
Old rituals we still bow. .

The girl or the lady
Hasn’t got her place yet,
the shine of the sun,
hasn’t reached to her yet. .

In Punjab & Haryana,
Its Female foeticide,
In Delhi or Mumbai,
But Females suicide. .

The wolf are roaming here and there,
Trying to get a bait!
Bloody assholes, rascles,
Do the sin which every1 hate!

Our govt gives the slogan of equality,
Guys and girls are equal. .
Still we are practicing,
Something which is unethical. .

Giving the boy child all the freedom,
All the fun. .
Leaving her alone,
Dried in the sun. .
The dreams of a girl are widely destroyed,
But the same a boy child enjoys.  .

The dreaded age for the girl is 21,
The studies are almost over,
Time to produce a “son”
Should get married to the most desirable,
Making her feel like a disable. .
She cant raise her voice to say,
“I don’t wanna marry him
Loves somebody else”
And if she does so,
Then will be terminated by “the self”!

The “ honor killing”,
Giving them the right to kill
What belongs to them and what not!
The maniacs, find it insulting,
If she wants to marry someone else,
And brutally MURDERs her and her future,
Just to be proud of their hollow nature. .

Wish could make them understand,
That what they want is best for her,
But please, just listen to her once. .
Whether she wants to get married or not,
Whether she’s ready for it or not!

Please I beg to all,
Please listen to her,
She’s an angel,
The caretaker,
The lovely lady,
She’s your daughter!

!!!Rest in peace!!!

Met with an accident yesterday, 
got hit by reality!
It was in a good speed,
wasnt able to see it clearly!

Was walking down the line,
moving at my speed,
it came with flashy headlights,
and with hell lot of greed!

Wasnt able to adjust myself,
fell into the trap,
Was bruised all over,
was pushed into a wrap!

The soul got hurt,
bleeding from places,
cuts and wounds were there,
leaving me into hazes!

Tried to clean all the wounds,
putting the tinture of patience,
trying to make sure that,
it doesnt get septic,
trying to clean it out,
from all the infections!

All my efforts failed,
was forced to remove my honesty,
as it wasnt letting me heal my wounds,
would have to loose all my gratitude,
n adopt the rough n bruttle attitude!

Sent my innerself behind the bar,
for commiting the crime of humanity.
Have unleashed the hell,
for gaining the clarity. .

Was forced to toss the coin,
lets see what it lands up with,
Heads are going to be smashed,
Tails are going to be whipped. .

Rest In Peace. .

Kahani har fridge ki!!!

main ek fridge hu,
kabhi main family ka saath,
kabhi main dosto k haath,
kabhi main showroom ki shobha badhata hu,
main ek fridge hu!

mujhme kabhi taazi sabzi,
kabhi purana sada hua ghiya rakha jata hai,
kabhi main falon ki tokri,
kabhi giri hui pepsi chaat-ta hu,
main ek fridge hu!

har koi mujhe kholta hai (isme kuch bhi NV nahi hai)
kabhi kuch daalne k liye, kabhi nikalne k liye rakhta hai (isme bhi kuch bhi NV nahi hai)
bachche baar baar mere darwazon se khelte hai,
fir bhi main wahi khada rehta hu,
main ek fridge hu!

compressor mera hai bada hi strong,
kare har garam cheez ko thanda,
jab bhi mujhme gire koi samaan,
har baar mann yahi gaata hai
Sab ganda hai par dhanda hai!
main ek fridge hu!

raat ke andhere me bhi,
dikh jaaye saara samaan,
hai mere andar prakash ki roshni(mind the words rascala)
kuch bhi, kabhi bhi nazar aata hai.
ganda lagta hai tab mujhko,
jab raat me koi bachcha,
mujhme "muthravisarjan" kar jaata hai : (
sirf dekhta reh jata hu,
us amrit ki khushbu se prafullit ho jaata hu(sarcasm)
main  ek fridge hu!

mujhpe kabhi chidiya,kabhi chuha, kabhi haathi chip kaya jata hai,
bacho ko padhane k liye A to Z bhi lagaya jaata hai,
agar sab kuch mujhi se seekh lenge bachche,
to mujhe tuition teacher kyo nahi mana jaata hai???
Amitabh ko degree dedo Phd ki kuch na karne pe,
aur mujhe sirf kone me rakha jata hai!
kyonki. . 
main ek fridge hu!

yaad aa jaati hai naani daadi,
jis din main beemaar ho jaata hu,
karo kharcha ab mujhpe,
hazaaron se kam nahi aata hu,
main ek fridge hu!

naya fridge laate hi, 
bhool jaate ho mujhko,
yaad karo wo din wo raatain,
jab paal raha tha main tujhko!

samajh nahi aa raha, 
aakhir me kya kahoon,
bas yahi guzarish hai meri,
plz main bhi saaf rehna chahta hu,
main ek fridge hu!!!!!!!

Sheesha. . .

main sheesha tha, hu  aur ek din toot jaunga,
auron ki khushi k liye ek din un sab se door jaunga,
sabki apni khushiyan, apne jazbaat hote hain,
un jazbaton ki khatir, apne me main unko sab kuch dikhaunga. .

mere jazbaat aaj bhi chupe huey hi hain,
aaj bhi tanha hu iss bheed me,
sabko sabkuch deke iss jahan se chala jaunga. ..

main sheesha hu, meri chamak se main heera nahi kehlaunga,
sabke chehre pe muskurahat deke,
ek meethi si yaad deke,
iss bheed me apne aap ko chupa jaunga..

fir se subah ki roshni me apne armano ka chaand doobta hi paunga,
andhere me rahunga sabke saath aur roshni me khudko akela hi paunga,
jinko apna samajhta tha, aaj wahi kisi aur k sapne dekha karte hain,
unko main apne andar wahi sapne dikhake,
kisi aur ke saath unko unhi ka pratibimb dikha ke,
unko sapno ki haseen duniya me le jaunga,
main sheesha tha, hu aur ek din toot jaunga. . 

sabke sapno me apni khushiyan dekhna,
unki khushiyo ko apna sapna banana,
aajtak main wahi karta aaya hu,
apne sapno ki chita pe unke sapno ki duniya basata aaya hu,
sabme khushiyan baant ta aaya hu, khushiyan baant ta jaunga,
main sheesha tha, hu aur ek din toot jaunga. . .

ban sakta tha main bhi heera,
sabki khaatir apne armaano ka khoon kiya,
they mere bhi apne kuch sapne,
doosron ki khatir,
raaton ko sona band kiya,
ruk gayi meri duniya wahin,
jahan se auron ki khushiyo ki shuruat hui,
main sheesha tha, hu aur ek din toot jaunga. . 

Straight from the Heart!

Had put the pen down,
For quite a long time,
Feelings were immense,
Story was bout to end.

Sinking down the life,
Roaming in n round,
Feelings were immense,
Story was bout to end.

One day down the line,
Thinking all in time,
Not measuring by the dine,
Having glass of wine,
Whatever I had,
Its already past,
Slides are here to stay,
In my mind n soul,
Had the world in my hands,
Thought I had it all,
Feelings were immense,
Story was bout to end

Came the turning point,
Which was never in sight,
Took me by surprise,
Saw the ray of light,
Moving after it,
Was the ultimate aim,
Trying to have a grip,
Made me lose it more,
Feelings were immense,
Story was bout to end.
Was totally confused,
Which way should I move,
Thought to lose it more,
To have a better grip,
Follow where it goes,
Up or down the hill,
Moving down the line,
Having fun all the time,
Made me feel alive,
Got what I always want,
Was the innermost peace,
That made me stood,
 on the ground,
Was the ulitimate treat,
Saw the shinning star,
Up n over me,
Wanted to be blessed,
Is what all we want.
Love n support of frnz,
Care of spouse,
Nurture by the parents,
Is the blessing in disguise
Straight from my heart,
To touch that of yours,
Feelings that I had,
Always were immense!