Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Daughter

Today, when the world is waiting for the future,
We are standing where we were before
Having the urban and rural population
Old rituals we still bow. .

The girl or the lady
Hasn’t got her place yet,
the shine of the sun,
hasn’t reached to her yet. .

In Punjab & Haryana,
Its Female foeticide,
In Delhi or Mumbai,
But Females suicide. .

The wolf are roaming here and there,
Trying to get a bait!
Bloody assholes, rascles,
Do the sin which every1 hate!

Our govt gives the slogan of equality,
Guys and girls are equal. .
Still we are practicing,
Something which is unethical. .

Giving the boy child all the freedom,
All the fun. .
Leaving her alone,
Dried in the sun. .
The dreams of a girl are widely destroyed,
But the same a boy child enjoys.  .

The dreaded age for the girl is 21,
The studies are almost over,
Time to produce a “son”
Should get married to the most desirable,
Making her feel like a disable. .
She cant raise her voice to say,
“I don’t wanna marry him
Loves somebody else”
And if she does so,
Then will be terminated by “the self”!

The “ honor killing”,
Giving them the right to kill
What belongs to them and what not!
The maniacs, find it insulting,
If she wants to marry someone else,
And brutally MURDERs her and her future,
Just to be proud of their hollow nature. .

Wish could make them understand,
That what they want is best for her,
But please, just listen to her once. .
Whether she wants to get married or not,
Whether she’s ready for it or not!

Please I beg to all,
Please listen to her,
She’s an angel,
The caretaker,
The lovely lady,
She’s your daughter!

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