Saturday, 30 June 2012

!!Message From Heaven!!

I dont have time for you,
busy with the other few,
can see your face filled with dew,
sorry mate,
u were, u are n u'll always stand last in the queue. . 

You are invible to me,
dont wanna see you in this whole lot crew,
keep on strugling,
keep on fighting,
but what you deserve wont be given to you. . 

Life's like hell,
is that what is felt by you??
If thats true,
then my work is done for you. . 

Wanted to get the hell out of you,
wanted to put you on the road. . 
wanted to make you rub your nose against my toe,
but that wont even help you through. . 

you wanted to carve out your destiny,
i wanted to treat it as the irony,
have placed huge rocks in your way,
which the crushers of hardwork,
wont be able to sway. . 

Shu, go away you rascal,
dont expect me to do anything for you,
exoect the unexpected from me,
with love for you,
you were, you are n u'll always stand last in the queue. . .

"Reply to heaven"

dear heaven,
u have always tried to dominate me,
in whatever way you can,
have tried "N" of ways,
to humiliate, to create what's not for me
to steal, to through away whats best for me!!

Have always faught against you,
will always make my way through,
do whatever you want to do,
not a kid born with a silver spoon. . 

i'll continue what i have always done,
will search for the ways to counter act you,
will always push the wall,
stoping me to come closer to my destiny,
will make my way through insanity. . 

Have stood there in the scroaching heat,
have stood there in thunderous storm,
havnt bent down even on the rods you beat,
have made myself so strong,
that all these things dont affect my anymore,
wants to see to what extent you can push me more. . 

I challenge you,
do whatever you want to do,
to stop me through. . 
All the best. . 
Take care. . 

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