Wednesday, 6 June 2012

!!!Rest in peace!!!

Met with an accident yesterday, 
got hit by reality!
It was in a good speed,
wasnt able to see it clearly!

Was walking down the line,
moving at my speed,
it came with flashy headlights,
and with hell lot of greed!

Wasnt able to adjust myself,
fell into the trap,
Was bruised all over,
was pushed into a wrap!

The soul got hurt,
bleeding from places,
cuts and wounds were there,
leaving me into hazes!

Tried to clean all the wounds,
putting the tinture of patience,
trying to make sure that,
it doesnt get septic,
trying to clean it out,
from all the infections!

All my efforts failed,
was forced to remove my honesty,
as it wasnt letting me heal my wounds,
would have to loose all my gratitude,
n adopt the rough n bruttle attitude!

Sent my innerself behind the bar,
for commiting the crime of humanity.
Have unleashed the hell,
for gaining the clarity. .

Was forced to toss the coin,
lets see what it lands up with,
Heads are going to be smashed,
Tails are going to be whipped. .

Rest In Peace. .

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