Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The day when i died!!!

The day when i died,
everybody cried,
not from the heart,
but from the eyes!

They were loving every moment,
and were enjoying every movement.
They were talking and laughing
and giggling at the forefront.

As they were getting ready for my funeral,
it seems that it was a part of shooting or rehearsal!
Everybody had crocodile tears in his eyes,
which were according to their size!

So the journey started to the funeral ground,
with so many critics around,
Everybody had their own opinion,
and started forming union.

One group said  'Lets drop him here'
the other said 'no through him there'
"Please drop him into the bush,
nobody can find him not even Mr. Bush!"

At last i saw a man who was crying from his heart,
I thought poor fellow loved me from the bottom of his heart1
But my hallucination was broken,
as he was my share broker1
He was sad,
and was feeling bad,
b'coz he was about to get 1 million that day,
which he was gonna include in his pay!

Finally, the ground was reached,
and everybody was releaved!

But the price of wood was reaching sky,
Suddenly, one got a brilliant idea,
that had a relief of sigh.
He bought a match box on hire,
and set me on fire!

So the journey was over,
and everybody thanked god
as my chapter was over!
I pray to god that
nobody should see his funeral,
as it is like a shooting or a rehearsal!

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